Clearlite & Krystal

We are the largest manufacturers of candles among Caricom’s 15 Member States, producing a wide range that includes household, religious and scented (insect repellant) candles.

Candles feature in the traditions of many cultures. As a member of the Latin American Candles Manufacturers Association (ALAFAVE), we adhere to the associations’ objectives of producing high quality, long lasting and safe candles. We use only the best materials, a top grade and fully refined paraffin wax, the wicks are braided of 100% natural cotton yarn and blended for optimum burning performance.

Our range of candles is manufactured under the Chemtrax brand using the following trade names Clearlite and Krystal.

Our household column candles are sold in three lengths (6 inch, 8 inch and 10 inch) and five different colours: white, black, green, red and yellow. We also do votives (religious) and Pillar (decorative) candles.